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Empowering Students through Film Production at Pueblo de Los Angeles Continuation School


Pueblo de Los Angeles Continuation School serves students from East Los Angeles, where opportunities for creative expression and career development in the entertainment industry are limited. To address this gap, the school partnered with Fifth Sun Pictures to implement a four-week film production program aimed at providing students with hands-on experience and collaborative skills.


Students at Pueblo de Los Angeles Continuation School lacked access to the resources, mentorship, and opportunities necessary to explore careers in film and media. This limitation hindered their ability to develop and showcase their creative talents in a professional setting.


The four-week film production program was designed to immerse students in the process of creating a professional film trailer. Students were divided into four groups, each with specific roles: script writing, storyboarding, set design, and acting. In addition to their individual responsibilities, all students learned essential aspects of story development and production, including camera work, lighting, and audio.


The collaborative effort culminated in the production of a remake of the "IT" trailer, which was showcased to the entire school:

  • Script Writing Group: Directed the trailer and created a professional script.

  • Storyboarding Group: Drew out the scenes and created a shot list.

  • Set Design Group: Recreated the different scenes in the trailer.

  • Acting Group: Created character profiles, rehearsed lines, and performed in front of the camera.

  • The final product was met with enthusiasm and admiration from the school community, highlighting the students' newfound skills and collaborative spirit.

Next Steps

Building on the success of the initial program, Fifth Sun Pictures plans to:

  • Redo the program in the following year, expanding and refining the curriculum based on feedback and outcomes.

  • Continue providing students with hands-on experience in film production, enhancing their technical skills and creative abilities.

  • Introduce advanced workshops and opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals, further bridging the gap between education and career pathways in the entertainment industry.

  • Secure additional resources and equipment to support the growing interest and participation in the program.


The partnership between Pueblo de Los Angeles Continuation School and Fifth Sun Pictures has successfully empowered students from East Los Angeles to explore and develop their talents in film production. By providing a structured, collaborative, and supportive environment, the program has not only enhanced students' skills but also fostered a sense of achievement and possibility for their future endeavors in the entertainment industry.


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