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Solving the problem of diversity in Hollywood through professional collaborations


Despite being located in the heart of Los Angeles, students at Los Angeles High School of the Arts (LAHSA) faced barriers to accessing career opportunities in Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry. The lack of exposure, resources, and connections left many talented individuals from underrepresented backgrounds unable to pursue their dreams in the industry.


The lack of diversity in Hollywood perpetuates systemic inequalities and limits the representation of diverse voices and stories in media. LAHSA recognized the need to address this issue by providing students with the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to break into the industry and make meaningful contributions.


In partnership with Fifth Sun Pictures, a social impact marketing company, LAHSA developed a comprehensive film production program aimed at bridging the gap between the school and the entertainment industry. The program focused on providing students with hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to industry professionals.


The collaboration between LAHSA and Fifth Sun Pictures yielded promising results:

  • Students gained practical skills in film production, including storytelling, script formatting, and camera operation.

  • The program increased students' excitement and engagement with the arts, fostering a sense of creativity and empowerment.

  • Participants reported feeling better equipped to pursue careers in the entertainment industry, with some expressing aspirations of becoming filmmakers, actors, or industry professionals.

  • Fifth Sun Pictures provided essential film equipment, ensuring students had access to resources they previously lacked.

Next Steps

Building on the success of the program, Fifth Sun Pictures is committed to:

  • Expanding opportunities for student leadership and involvement in film production projects.

  • Providing ongoing mentorship and support to help students navigate career pathways in the entertainment industry.

  • Offering workshops, internships, and networking events to connect students with industry professionals and resources.

  • Continuously evaluating and improving the program to meet the evolving needs and aspirations of LAHSA students.


Through the collaborative efforts of LAHSA and Fifth Sun Pictures, students from diverse backgrounds are gaining access to the skills and opportunities needed to thrive in Hollywood and beyond. By investing in the next generation of storytellers and creatives, we can create a more inclusive and representative entertainment industry for all.


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